Enterprise Feedback Management 3.0

Listen to the customer via any channel and make sure the customer’s voice gets heard.

New Generation Customer Feedback

Get the feedback you need to improve your products and services with this new generation of enterprise feedback management tool.

Support powerful form-based surveys and AI-powered conversational feedback.

AI-Based Conversational Feedback

When was the last time you spoke with your customers or sat down with them for a real one-on-one conversation?

New window for the Voice of the Customer

By using a chatbot for customer feedback, you can create a virtual interviewer and make conversational surveys that offer a better experience. Get deeper insights through unique one-on-one interaction with your customers.

Better Coping with Survey Fatigue

Have your participants willingly engage longer and get valuable high-quality metrics. Have the AI manage survey fatigue and experience with no quality degradation over time, even in long surveys.

Improve Participant Engagement

Help improve participant engagement and response quality by framing survey questions in more personalized, conversational messages. Deliver human-like social interactions that encourage survey participants to reveal personal insights.

Omnichannel Support​

Talk with your customers where they feel more comfortable. Deliver the survey using text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, link to a chat window, or any other platform.

Enterprise Feedback Management

Build fully-customizable online surveys. Integrate surveys into chat, cases, and websites and have a 360⁰ view of all customer interactions.

New Window for the Voice of the Customer

Understand your customers’ experiences. Empower and grow positive experiences while learning to improve negative ones. Use Business Intelligence to find the root cause for customer behavior and route insights to the right team to take action.

Powerful, Agile, & Flexible

A powerful solution does not have to come with a price.
All features—like AI Survey Chatbot, Drag & Drop Survey Designer, Omnichannel support, and all tools for a successful voice-of-the-customer solution—are well organized and accessible, allowing you to face any challenge.

Unified Solution Suite

Have all the tools you need under one solution suite. Using omnichannel capabilities, connect with customers where and how they want to be connected and feel comfortable. Have all your customer experience actions in one centralized hub. Have unified analytics across all customer engagement domains.

Let's Do It Together

Whatever challenges you have, our team of experts can help.
With vertical-specific experts, a toolset of field-proven best practices, and an advanced technical team, we can overcome any obstacle for a successful project.

Studies Show

AI survey participants provided significantly more relevant, specific, and clear free-text responses than their counterparts They were also more willing to spend time with the chatbot, provide longer responses, and disclose more information about themselves. Participants who engaged with the chatbot also expressed their positive experience and willingness to take surveys in a chat format.

Converation Rate
People responding to invite 82%
Survey Total Time
Time Spent 50%
Disclose More Information
Information Disclosure 67.4%

The CEMax Difference

Empower feedback management capabilities with CEMax CEM Suite

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CEMax CEM is a Premium Customer Engagement Platform providing organizations with cutting edge technology promoting the customer conversation to a whole new level. CEMax is a modular solution empowering organizations to deliver the best possible customer service to its customers.


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