Self Service

Engage with your customers 24/7. Promote customer satisfaction with self-service capabilities across all channels.

Automating Customer Experience

The self service module is a 3-tier package, providing tools and services to empower ground-breaking self service capabilities.

Conversational AI

Have a conversational AI on all channels serving customers. Increase customers’ satisfaction and exceed their expectations with a premium service level.

Digital Forms

Empower customers to submit forms electronically on any device. Streamline form submission internal processes with case management and workflow.

Self Service Portal ​

Increase self-service success and case deflection with accessible 24/7 knowledge base. Empower your customers with the information they need.

Conversational AI​​

Reinventing the Contact Center

Enrich your customer experience by leveraging conversational AI throughout your customer journey. Customers can engage with a virtual agent capable of providing human-quality answers to questions and preforming complex tasks and transactions while reducing the workload for human agents. Virtual agents can proactively reach out to customers for various routines, like updating information, marketing campaigns, getting customers’ feedback, and more.

Available Everywhere, Anytime

Virtual agents are available 24/7 on every device, channel, and social media. Customers can also benefit from virtual agents via the company’s app, IOT devices, or the self-service portal. The power of virtual agents increases even further when the virtual agent can assist human agent by gathering needed information before the agent’s treatment or finalizing customer resolution information.

Digital Forms/e-Forms

Empower your customers with digital forms and promote self-service channels.

Empower customers to submit forms electronically on any device. Streamline form submission internal processes with case management and workflow.

Self-Service Portal

The engagement portal, a new self-service reality.

The engagement portal redefines how you engage with your customers. Boost your customers’ confidence in your brand by providing them a portal that not only has all the information they need but also enables customers to ask a virtual agent questions, open cases, check their status and overview, sign documents, and use many other groundbreaking features. This is self-service at its best.

Give your customers easy access to the information they need 24/7.

Empower customers to resolve requests on their own 24/7 by giving them access to answers they need quickly, anytime and from anywhere, right from any device. With self-service knowledge management, agents and employees have the tools to deliver greater customer engagement that will resolve problems and answer questions faster.


The main building block in a good relationship is having a partner who truly understand you, knows how to read in between the lines, and respond accordingly. With CEMax conversional AI, you can build this type of relationship with your customers. Here are a few examples:

34% better accuracy than other popular solutions
Better Accuracy 34%
20 times less training data than the competition
Less Training 20%
Exceptional understanding: F1 score of 89%
Exceptional Understanding 89%

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The CEMax Difference

See additional benefits when bundling your self-service with CEMax CEM Suite. No additional integration required.